2023 Liquid Force Butterstick Pro 152


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The Liquid Force Butterstick Pro is one of the more unique and crazy models to come out of Liquid Force. Why is that? Because its name is derived from being soft like butter but strong like a stick. And so it is; with its unique flex zone tip and tail, you get the ultimate press power into features, with the peace of mind that your board will hold up to the pounding. A Progressive 3-stage rocker gives the Butterstick Pro a smooth, fast feel underfoot and allows it to be explosive off kickers. A Triaxial Fibreglass layup is a key to the ButterStick’s strength, helping to keep your board in ship shape as well as providing torsional rigidity. Hence, your cuts are always super clean. Standard across all Liquid Force cable wakeboards are Liquid Rails and a sintered grind base, protecting your edge from the big hits and keeping you sliding for longer.


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